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Express WiFi Hotspot Service

$590 fully installed with 12 months support (for a standard installation)

Product description:
  • High quality modular WiFi hotspot service for coffee shops and small cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, fitness centres, retail shops, automotive services etc.
  • Provide free WiFi to your customers to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  • Promote your products on the customised login page, and integrate with your Facebook page or business website.
  • The hotspot service is remotely cloud-managed by expert technicians from Express Computing, leaving you to manage your business.

Wi-fi hotspot

Wifi Hotspot logon options:
  • Express logon which provides Internet access after customer accepts the displayed Terms and Conditions.
  • Provide access with a single-use voucher code after customer accepts the displayed Terms and Conditions.
  • Vouchers can be a free and/or sold, with different session times. You keep 100% of revenue.
WIFI Login
What do you get?
  • WiFi hotspot service
  • 1 WiFi access point (add extra access points as required)
  • 1 hotspot profile
  • Installation and configuration on site
  • Fully tested before we hand over to you
  • Fully customised logon splash page
  • Terms and Conditions of access
  • Facebook integration
  • Download and upload limits
  • Session limits
  • Express logon
  • Voucher code access
  • 1 door/window WiFi sticker
  • Support covers the infrastructure, provision of vouchers and phone technical support
Features and benefits:
  • High quality and reliable dual antenna network access points which can handle up to 50 users per access point, at connection speeds up to 300Mbps.
  • Flexibility to add extra access points as WiFi repeaters to extend the wireless network coverage and increase the maximum number of users.
  • High speed 802.11n wireless standard.
  • Provides two SSID networks; one unrestricted private network for the proprietor and staff, and a restricted public network for your customers.
  • Customised splash page displaying business logo, ads and menus.
  • Customer must accept displayed Terms and Conditions prior to logging on and accessing the Internet.
  • Limit access to the hotspot by providing your customers with a voucher code, so you control who has access to the WiFi hotspot.
  • Highly configurable to redirect to your website or Facebook page after the user logs into the hotspot.
  • Control the length of a customers logon session e.g. 1 hour, and limit their upload and download speeds.
What do you need?
  • Broadband internet connection to your business premise.
  • If you don’t currently have one we can organise and set this up for you.
Businessman using laptop in cafe

I rang around to get quotes on fixing my computer after it started running really slow. Express Mobile Computing were the first to get back to me and were able to have my pc fixed within the hour. I will be keeping their magnet on my fridge! Great service, very professional.

- Mark

Express Mobile Computing are so helpful and patient. I am eternally grateful for you going above and beyond in this case. You really helped me out.

- Kate

Benefits of a WiFi Hotspot service: Why customers prefer businesses who provide this service

Provision of this service is a must these days for most service businesses.  Your customers have a growing preference to give their custom to those businesses who provide a free WiFi internet service over those who don’t.  It assists greatly in increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

With the huge growth in use of smartphones and tablets, we live in an increasingly connected society.  Most of our conversations are now happening online.  Your customers are becoming ever more reliant on their Internet connections on the go, be it for checking email, updating Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, or sharing on Instagram.  Providing and managing Internet access has been made easier and more affordable with the help of a Hotspot Portal Management system.

Benefits of WiFi Hotspot Portal Management vs Open WiFi

So why should you install a Hotspot Portal Management system, rather than just opening up free WiFi from your wireless router?

You control who gets free access:

  • Customers who only order a coffee don’t get free internet access all day.
  • You can provide a customer with a voucher for say 1 or 2 hours access with their purchase, or sell extended access and keep 100% of the revenue.
  • No freeloaders outside your business premises getting free internet, including your neighbouring businesses.
  • Bandwidth management limits connection speeds, suitable for browsing and checking email, protecting you from heavy users slowing down your network.
  • Control how many devices a customer can use with a voucher e.g. limit to just 1 device.
  • They need to accept and agree to your Terms and Conditions of access before connecting to their complementary Internet access.
  • They are directed to a splash page which you can use for promotional advertisements.

Contact us for an obligation free visit to discuss your specific requirements, and how we can help you increase your business and customer satisfaction today on 1300 EXPRESS.